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Why I Do It

I never planned to be a portrait photographer. I couldn't fathom someone who would want to willingly stand in front of a camera and pay for it unless they were a celebrity or a super model. I know how vulnerable and self-conscious I feel in front of a camera. How frustrating and upsetting it is seeing bad photos of myself. It would make me feel bad about myself and like something was wrong with me, so I would go to great lengths to avoid having my picture taken at all after a while.

It wasn't until I starting learning about photography from a portrait photographer that I learned about the things that contribute to making us look bad in photographs (none of them being age, weight, looks, or genetics). I also learned how to counteract those things and use them to our advantage. However, since I never planned to be a portrait photographer, I wasn't very interested in that part -- -- -- Until one day I decided to try all I've learned on myself. I think I did it more to prove my mentor wrong; to confirm that it is me; that I'm just not "photogenic".

Well talk about being proven wrong! I tried it and was stunned. STUNNED! I was staring back at some of the best images I've seen of myself since my High School Senior photos, 25 years prior! Here I was 80lbs heavier and 25 years older, and loving my photos! My mouth just gaped open in shock and I was looking around confused and elated!

It was right there and then that I decided I was going to be a portrait photographer. I actually said out loud "I have to do this for other women!", and since that day, I've dedicated myself to learning all I could about posing, lighting, shadows, lens distortion, how to help people feel more comfortable in front of the camera, and more, and I haven't stopped since.

I still laugh at how adamant I used to be about not wanting to be a portrait photographer! Now, I can't imagine doing anything else! I truly love what I do!

Photos of you will be loved for generations, so let's make some that you will be proud of! Together, we can! I know we can! I know that's easy for me to say, but I need to prove it! Right?

I can't guarantee that you will like the results but I can promise you that if you aren't happy with the results, you are under NO OBLIGATION to purchase a single portrait, product, service, or anything else -- absolutely no additional or hidden fees.

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